FAQ for "Good" Kudo Merchant Partners & Moving Kudo Philanthropy Partners

Why partner with Kudos Trading Co., the world's best mobile gratitude service?
Kudos highest priority is to promote good in the world. The goal for our partnerships is to promote the good you bring to the world in your product or philanthropy and pair it with a Kudo to reward the good an individual has done. Our service is simple, easy and social.

What are the benefits in partnering with Kudos Trading Co.?
A partnership with Kudos Trading Co. means a partner in promoting your brand and good works. Kudos Trading Co., which was born out of the Rugged Elegance soulful network, selects products and philanthropies that we believe are making people’s lives better.

A good deed is recognized by a personal accolade in the form of a petite creme-de-la-creme gift (i.e., an ice cream cone, a bouquet of flowers) or a philanthropic donation. The back-end design of our mobile service perpetuates small acts of kindness, emphasizes the good you bring to the world, and enables you to share them with your social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Rugged Elegance).

What is in this for Kudos Trading Co.?
With the exception of our Charter Philanthropic Partners (The Thrive House for Youth, Love, Light & Melody, Grassroot Soccer, and Team Rwanda Cycling), Kudos Trading Co. adds a service fee on to each "good" kudo and moving kudo transaction.

The applicable tax, Stripe financial processing fee and Kudos' commission is included in the price of each kudo. Merchants are able to receive full value for their products. Kudos never discounts the cost of a crème-de-la-crème product.

How does Kudos Trading Co. process payments?
Kudos uses Stripe, which offers a streamlined way of processing payments. Stripe takes 2.9% plus 30 cent processing fee for all transactions.

What do I need to provide to sell our product as a "good" kudo?
Kudos merchants are selected by merit only. Please submit via our Contact form:

1) your proposed product or product line with photos

2) a brief description why your company would make a "good" Kudos partner

3) the commission Kudos would earn

4) the % of each sale that you would be willing to donate to one of our RE Select Philanthropies.

If your product or product line is selected, you will need to set up a Stripe Account.

Stripe is our preferred financial processing system of choice. Stripe manages the payments of our good kudos and our moving philanthropic kudo donations.

We will need professional photo(s) of your product(s), a company logo or photo and a no more than 100 words description of each product.

You will have contact with the Kudos team throughout the entire set-up process.

What kind of terms will I need to agree to?
Terms are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Can Kudos artwork be customized?
Currently, we commission and fund the artwork in order to streamline the upstart process.

Customization is possible on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee.

"Good" Kudo Merchants will need an iPad in their shoppe in order for Kudos to be redeemed.

What can we expect from signing up with Kudos Trading Co.?
Kudos Trading Co. will promote your company or philanthropy through its public Blog, via the Kudos Trading Co. Facebook Page, and via a custom Pursuit or Philanthropy profile on Rugged Elegance.

Your kudo will be promoted to current registered Kudos members via email and newsletters, and through Kudos' parent company, Rugged Elegance.